Friday, January 3, 2014

"Hi. I'm Sue. I am a tool addict."

Dry Mount Press
I come from a family of engineers, teachers and architects. People who know me well know that the engineering genes, though poorly expressed, come through when I am in contact with a tool.

"Hi.  I'm Sue.  I am a tool addict."  It is true.

This Habitat project allows me to use so many different threads, scissors, dyes and tools!

I use the dry mount press, that I have had for over 30 years, to mount the assembled squares on the Pelltex fusible "board."

I use the computer assisted embroidery machine to decoratively assemble the fabric "blocks"  using the satin stitch and some of the lovely embroidery stitches that come with the machine.  Each module has at least one line of silver embroidery.   I am also experimenting with various ways to embroider text.
Computer assisted embroidery machine
The hardy Janome will put up with almost anything!  It has sewn through many odd things over the years it has been in my studio.  In this project it finishes the edges that the serger cannot manage.
The serger is the newest sewing machine in the studio.  It came to live with me last year, just before I fell an wrecked my shoulder.  I got it at the Annual Textile Center Garage sale!  I had it cleaned up and tuned just in time for this project.
You might notice all kinds of pieces of tape and stickers on the machines.  These are my "post-it notes."  telling me what settings I am using for the Habitat Project.  Afterall, these are multi-purpose machines and sometimes a girl just has to shorten a pair of jeans!
The best iron I have ever owned!
Every textile studio needs a good iron.  Everything, EVERYTHING, needs to be ironed.  I cannot tell you how many strips of Wonder Under, featherweight interfacing, HeatBond and just plain wrinkled cotton have passed under this iron.  Note the teflon sheet...lots of stuff melts in this process, so lots of non-stick is needed.

This radiator is my newest addition.  The dye studio is unheated!  Yes, you read right.  Un Heated.  I have relied on the movement of heat from the main studio through the archway to the dye kitchen.  I did replace the windows and doors to the studio this winter.  But, even so!  It was time to put one of these in.

My newest tool!

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