Friday, January 10, 2014

The Pin Wall

The pinwall went in today.  It is 8 feet x 10 feet of styrofoam.  Holy Moly!  It is frighteningly huge and is only 1/2 of the project size!  Nothing pinned to it yet...but just wait!  Next week I will start.  Boy it scares me.  What if I do not like what I see?
I started 20 new modules today.  They are nearly ready for sewing.

This project is physically grueling.  Today was an aching day.  The weather changed swiftly from dry arctic cold to moist spring-like 30 degees.  The old bones objected.  But carrying on is the only option...and an Aleve.

I continue to make ergonomic decisions for the studio.  Risers under table legs for working standing up.  An anti-fatigue mat for the ironing area.

But still, the body objects today.

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Elizabeth Edwards said...

Good luck, Sue! It's sure to be wonderful. -Betsy