Saturday, January 4, 2014

Text or texture

Simple stitched text
 Text is a key part of the Habitat for Humanity project.  There are so many stories about home in the experiences of those who work for their own houses and those who assist.  I look forward to collecting these stories.  Meanwhile, I explore ways to get the text into the project.

There are a few fonts built into the Computer Assisted Embroidery Machine.  The work out to look like a simple back stitch, readable, but mainly adding texture and shine.
Printed text
It is possible to run muslin through my Epson printer to experiment with text.  I have designed and ordered a couple of yards of this from Spoonflower.  I will over dye and surface decorate.  This text is pretty bold and might work best in small amounts.

digitized and embroidered text

This sample pleases me more than it should, perhaps.  It is the first piece of digitized embroidery I have designed for scratch.  It has plenty of flaws....but it is a start.  It is too bold and needs more surface work and over-dyeing on  the fabric.  BUT  it is a start!

Meanwhile, the under-heated dye kitchen calls.  This dull, beige fabric needs to become a textured, rich brown.  I'll probably be ready to work on it just as it reaches -20 degrees outside!
Cloth that needs dye

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