Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stacks and stacks

The stack of modules grows higher.

There are either 49 or 50 modules completed .  That makes it roughly one third of the projected modules needed for the project.  That feels good.  

The project is moving along steadily.  I have been able to streamline the processes.  I have been able to problem solve all the quirks, so far, of the three sewing machines.  For instance, when the needle is not inserted quite high enough on the embroidery machine, the tension and the stitches go all wonky.

This weekend I will work with clients and volunteers of Habitat for Humanity for the first workshop.  It will be interesting to see how the modules shift their focus with the input from the community.

More problem solving remains, of course.  The known problem involves a crimp!  My plan is to wire these modules together to make a sturdy but flexible "curtain," that can sway with the air movements of the facility, but NOT spin and snarl.  I have fine, plastic coated, flexible picture framing wire.  It is lovely stuff.  It has the nearly invisible look of monofilament line without the stretch.  It needs fine crimps to assemble it.  The crimps made for it are manufactured in China and will not arrive in time!  So the supplier is sending other samples and I have ordered fishing crimp samples to arrive this week.  Bead stores have sterling silver crimps available....But somehow, with up to 5 crimps per module, that just does not seem practical.  The fishing crimps are $14 per 1,000.  I don't know what the sterling would cost, but it would not be $14 per 1,000!  We are not making jewelry here.  We are making 16 feet by 10 feet of permeable wall!  All that silver would be BLINDING!

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