Sunday, April 23, 2017

Reading about ageing and art

When I wrote the last blog post, my arthritis was acting up fiercely!  probably due to the wild weather swings we were experiencing here in Minnesota as spring was trying to wrest itself out of the grip of winter!  It is always a fierce struggle here followed by a nature's ecstasy of reproduction:  Spring!  Forsythia are nearly done, magnolias are blooming and carpets of green are everywhere.  Birds are frantically dancing mating dances, building nests or brooding clutches of eggs.  I got buzzed by my first spring bee today!

I am reading about ageing as an artist.  Thinking about what that means.  Currently I am reading a book: Strategies for Older Serious Artists by Eric Rudd.  I have read his work before and found it usefully mind stretching.  He has a very definite point of view, a speedy style of writing, and thinks outside the usual boxes found in art-business manuals.

Also of note is  They have a database developed specifically for artists and a plethora of free articles. Their article on aging leans toward fighting ageism and organizing for public visibility and support.

The Creating a Living Legacy program of the Joan Mitchell Foundation is worth reading.  I refer to their free manual as I catalog my artwork and archive.

I haven't read this one yet : An Artists Guide to Estate Planning.  It's free.

These articles, and others, deal with the specific needs of artists as they age...from very different points of view.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Are You An Ageing, Driven, Ambitious Artist?


I have been thinking a lot about age lately.  I keep making art...lots of it.  I keep reaching for grants, exhibitions and collections.  Lots of them.  I have a success rate...which includes some "yes" responses and a lot of "no" responses: the usual.

And my body, in my later sixties, seems to be edging toward various, normal fragilities: painfully creaky joints, a certain tippiness, and, of course, certain memory issues.  Nothing unusual nor even alarming there either.

But, I wonder...what will the next few years bring?


Looking ahead, I am realizing I will need more help in the studio.  Not yet...I get by with the help I have from Danielle and Dale, more or less one day a week.  They help with administrative, brainstorming and larger builds and shipments.  But it is time to think ahead.

I wonder if there are ways that older, driven, ambitious artists can organize to assist and support one another? Could we share studio assistants? Could we share skill sets?

What do you think?  Are you a driven, ambitious artist wondering about how you will handle ageing in the studio?  If so... let's begin talking.  Surely there are a lot of us around this town.