Saturday, January 18, 2014

110 modules and counting

There are now 110 completed modules for the Habitat for Humanity Project!

I finished 31 face modules today.  They aren't actually all faces.  There are some cool ones of working hands.  These modules were created using photos from Habitat for Humanity.  There are photos of clients, volunteers and working hands.  I posterized the photos in Adobe Photoshop,  made 12" square compositions and sent them off to to make printed fabric.   They are ready to go, except for the grommets.

More Spoonflower fabric should arrive this week.  I also designed more fabric with text about home, using some of the shared thoughts of clients at the workshop last weekend.  It will make 18 modules.

The next twenty modules have been started, using client designed fabrics.  The purplish fabric is the client fabric.

A stack of 40 12.5 inch squares were cut  last night, shuffled and assembled into striped squares this morning.

I took a break  last night and today!
Last night  I spent time at the spinning wheel, smoothing out my rough edges with soft, pure angora.
This afternoon I went to a marvelous show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.  It was a fiber show, "Repetition and Ritual".
This evening I cut and shuffled the squares again  and cut 40 pieces of featherweight pellon for assembly tomorrow.

All of this is to say, by the end of the coming week, I should be up to 148 modules, with or without grommets.

Getting close!  I figure I need 160 modules to do a good job.  The client fabrics from the upcoming workshop should complete the job.

WOW!  I think I may be on time after all!

My schedule was to complete modules by the end of January and spend the month of February assembling  and problem solving.  Dale and I did a lot of prep work for that last week.  He has been my "go to guy" for years when I have big projects.  He will be gone most of February, but I am feeling confidant that the assembly will proceed well  with the preplanning that we did.

Still waiting for the crimps, though.

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