Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is GOOD NEWS!

The crimps have arrived!  This is a modest, quite small bag of goodness: 1000 #2 crimps normally used for framing.  Such a small thing, but without them, the Habitat for Humanity piece would remain in pieces!
This is an empty spool.  It seems somehow momentous to have used every living centimeter of a 1000 meter spool of thread!  Fortunately I had another spool of color #407 on hand!

This is a box of T-pins that I will use to compose the hangings.  It is a suitable use of t-pins leftover from my gallery days and an influx of around 100 more t-pins.
And THIS is 26 more modules awaiting grommets. (total so far = 131 modules) Dale drilled the holes today.  But, alas and alack!  We could not begin grommeting because I chewed up the upper die trying to learn how to efficiently use the machine the other day.  It seems that I applied TOO MUCH FORCE.  The grommets installed after this INCIDENT of TOO MUCH FORCE, installed with chewed-up-square holes.  Hmmm.  Maybe that is why I had sore ribs at bedtime last night!  A new set of dies is already in the mail!

Now...we await the new fabric from Spoonflower.  They are running late this time.  Maybe MLK holiday put them behind schedule.

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