Friday, January 10, 2014

Hardware, models and testing

Extruded aluminum channel: 16 feet
I am beginning to accumulate the hardware and random tools necessary for assembly  of the Habitat for Humanity project.  The assembly schedule starts roughly February 1.  Of course there is much work to do before then.  Not only do I need to finish the modules (roughly 100 more of them), I do need to experiment with composition and with assembly materials and practices.

Dale is starting to work with me today.  Our first job is to build a pin-wall so I can begin to work out the composition.

Because I could not fit 4' x8' sheets in my car, I decided to buy styrofoam panels and lots of velcro to attach the panels to my wall.
The experimental crimps will arrive over the weekend.  Dale and I plan to make  matboard models to test and perfect the grommeting and wiring process.

I bolts and lock washers to hold EVERYTHING

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