Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today's completed work...except that today is not complete

By 3:30 today, Dale had grommeted the four corners of...I don't know.  You count!  I think it is around 70 modules, give or take a few.

I decided that all of  the photos of people will be done in the twin-peaked house form  and all of the text in the iconic single peak form.  I pinned up a couple of mini-compositions....thinking about whether there will be a diagonal  swath for the eye to rest upon.  Don't know yet.  When the rest of the fabric with text comes from Spoonflower, and I make it up into modules, then I will be able to decide.

Tonight is Project Runway night.  Will I be able to watch it in the studio?  We'll see about that, as well;-)

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