Friday, September 28, 2018

COMING SOON Productivity in the Studio- a 9 part series

You know, I have been asked over and over again how I get so much done.  Certainly part of it is that I work full time at my art. My only dependent is my dog, Gideon, and he is low maintenance.  And appearances can be deceiving.  I produce all kinds of "parts"  and unfinished bits that linger around the studio until I go on a "finishing jag."  Bits and pieces can linger for years before they are suddenly incorporated into finished work...seemingly all at once.

A couple of years ago, in advance of expected funding, a non-profit asked me to develop a class about taking the next steps from enthusiastic amateur to professional.  The non-profit did not receive their funding.  But I saved this 9-part series in my computer and you, dear reader, can benefit.

It will begin Monday, October 1 and continues three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until completed.  Have fun!  And, rest assured:  I perform most of the tips SOME of the time, but none of them ALL of the time.  Perfection is an idea, not a possibility!

Despite appearances....

It is always a long, slow journey to exhibition with many, many rejections before the "yeses" come in.  I have 19 applications out there for both solo and group opportunities.   I have heard from 10:   7 rejections and 3 "yeses".  Gotta love those "yeses."  Gotta have faith in those "yeses."  They usually arrive just as you are about to give up.  There are no solo's here.  But this work will be seen.

KEEP THE FAITH, my friends.  Apply to enough opportunities, some will come through.
Interior Torus; going to the Black and White show at Gallery 311, Raleigh, NC

My Mother Myself will be featured in the Surface Design Association Exhibition in Print

My Mother's Marriage will also be featured in the Surface Design Association Exhibition in Print 
Selfie 2018 will be going to No Big Heads, University of Alaska.