Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Garage

Honest, it used to be pretty square and true! It is being held up by a variety of 2x4 props inside and out while awaiting careful, safe demolition by professionals.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Garage capers

In other business, a driver slammed into my garage today, knocking it off the foundation. Fortunately I do not store gallery art there! It sure did consume the day however. But, I want you to know that not only can you make appointments to see JUST LOOKING, the roster for ALL THINGS ELECTORAL has been chosen. A wonderful group of local and national artists are coming together for this show. The artists chosen are: Janet Culbertson, Patricia Dahlman, Mike Elko, Kari Guter Seymour, Karen Hanmer, Sarah Hauser, Michael Kabbash, James Michael Lawrence, James Leonard, Jeff Lohaus, Carol Morris, Elena Siff, Mary Tasillo, Kate Van Cleve, and Peter Wilson. Of special note is the performance of James Leonard. With the generous support of Minnesota Center for Bookarts, Susan Hensel Gallery and Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, NYC, James will be flying in to present a performance of WARBONDS. You must BE HERE to see this! I have shown James' political work before. The performance will be during the opening of ALL THINGS ELECTORAL, Friday, September 12. The opening runs 5-9pm. The performance will occur around 7:30 pm.

Just Looking in action

I have not received all the photos yet, but you can begin to see the installation in action here. Friday was a delightfully cool night for an opening. A gentle crowd arrived and stayed and played with the interactive video. Mary, in the middle, learned that she could line her own eyes up with various pairs of glasses. Watch the website. I hope to have more visuals and have the audio compressed and on line sometime next week. Pictured with the EYES is the videographer, John Hensel, my son, who came in and worked all week developing programs to film, duplicate and project attendees. The EYES project is one he showed at Oberlin College several years ago. Seemed perfect for the topic at hand.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sitting Zazen while Just Looking

It would appear that my son is sitting zazen at the computer. After 15 hours sitting on the train, he is sitting here, connecting dots and boxes and I am taking photographs while Just Looking.