Sunday, July 29, 2018

New in the Windows: Nadine Mercil

This is a show that sits smally, quietly in the windows, but on closer examination, packs a punch.  It is worth spending some time with.

Nadine Mercil

My artwork is many things; fragile, elusive, revolting, dramatic, an authentic and visual representation of my inner emotions as I see or define them.  My art, at times, may be provocative, but provocation is not my primary goal.   My primary goal is to develop or create a visual diary of my life, souvenirs of my time here on earth.

My pendants are mementos of my relationship with an abusive man.  They are not meant to be worn – at least not by me – but there is the possibility that at some point they may hang around someone’s neck.  I started out using photographs from family albums, but after going through this supply, have turned to other families photos (bought and sold on EBAY) and since one in three women are abused, I believe there is  a strong possibility that some of the women in the photo’s I have purchased have also been abused.

I think it is important to make this work, because there is often a shroud of secrecy around domestic abuse and I want to remove the shroud and tell the truth, or my truth, about what takes place or what has happened to a woman who has suffered domestic abuse/ violence.   

My work is continually evolving. Depending on what is going on in my life my art can be light and airy – relatively so – or dark and disturbing. 

I have a very strong desire to be seen.  Domestic abuse often makes me feel invisible, that I don’t count, that what I think and feel does not matter – my art challenges that assumption – my art doesn’t have to be pretty – it doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be dark and disturbing, it can be whatever I want it to be, I am free to express myself however I wish – because I rarely show my work, I do not give a great deal of thought to how an audience might react – because the audience is usually just me.