Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good News beats tough times

It's been a rocky week.  The weather turned lovely, briefly. Plants are greening, birds are busy.  I was optimistic that, since the last round of cortisone, I would be able to resume a more vigorous exercise program....nothing radical, just walk longer, maybe ride my bike a bit.  After more than a year, there was no pain from the slightly bulging disk in my back.  Hooray!

Well, a sunny Sunday walk fixed that fantasy.  Evidently, I am unable to walk safely in dry, sunny weather.  I stepped on something that rolled like a marble, sweeping me off my feet and throwing me onto my elbow with as much force as possible, thus jamming my shoulder....The dog sat calmly, looking at me with puzzled devotion. Bless his heart. He did not panic and run as he is sometimes wont to do!

Most art making has ceased, again.  I am sewing, spinning a drawing.  MRI's will tell the tale in a few days.  Regardless the verdict, my shoulder is hurt and not functioning properly.

But, the good news is:
  I won first place in Three Dimensional art at the Savage Art Council show;-)  Nice to have some good news.

More good news:  Many people have offered to help me with Shepherd's Harvest over Mother's Day weekend.

Life is, indeed good.  And it has been snowing on and off today with predictions of measurable amounts by tomorrow night.  That should be safer walking for me...since I've made it through many, many winters without a fall.  It's those precious warm, sunny days that endanger me.  I was probably delirious with weather-pleasure when I fell.