Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The end of an era...
Papermaking Equipment for sale

I am reformatting my basement to be an extension of the studio space 
upstairs.  I need space for assembly assistance.  In order to create
a clean, clear space, I am selling the papermaking equipment.

I am selling a Lee S. Macdonald 2 pound Hydra Hollander Beater.  It
has a fiberglass basin and a winch.  It has been a marvelous tool and
is still in excellent working order.

The price is FIRM $3000.And you need to haul it...BUT, as an
incentive, It will come with quite a stack of half-stuff and linters:
unbleached abaca, raw and half-stuff cotton, black denim raw and
half-stuff, flax in various forms and a few bits and pieces.  Plenty
to get started with.

call 612-722-2324 or email susanhensel@yahoo.com