Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ophelia's Dream

I just got word to day that one of my poems was selected to be read on Northern Community Radio,  SO PLEASED!  Not only am I "coming clean" about writing poetry, this poem is part of a much larger project I have written about and illustrated in the past.  

The Ophelia Project, an installation and performance I have been working on for several years, is the location for this poem.  There are many other mixed media/drawings,  more poems and other tech media that will be part of the event.  I expect the event to be ready in the fall of 2013.  The picture above is the first to be highlighted in the performance, introducing the character named Ophelia.  This is her poem, "written" perhaps at a later stage in her life.

Listen to Susan Hensel read the poem Ophelia's Dream

Monday, February 11, 2013

Small work on a gallery day

I spent the day showing I'm not me, she's over there, in the gallery today.  A quiet Monday, a mild cold, a few visitors.  Once I had gotten caught up on a few administrative detail, the call to create whispered.  I had wanted to pull out some of the suit scraps  left over from Deconstructing Power and see what happened.

Deconstructing Power #2
Deconstructing Power #1
Deconstruction Power #3
Deconstructing Power #4

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ash Wednesday, and the art will be hung

Good Friday: Descent from the cross

The Lenten series of mixed media pastels is finished. It has expanded and contracted: been drymounted, framed, cut and reassembled, turned into more pieces.  I will hang it in the sanctuary of Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church for  the duration of Lent, which begins this week with Ash Wednesday.

Holy Saturday: In the Tomb

The Empty Tomb
I don't actually know if I will hang all of them.  Rumors of the Messiah and The Betrayal are new today.  So new, that I do not know if they will fit visually in the space.  I will take them over Tuesday and see.

Rumors of the Messiah
 The Ash Wednesday service is Wednesday night, 7pm, at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, 1620 East 46th St, Minneapolis.  This marks the beginning of Lent.
The Betrayal
Easter: He is Risen