Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arthroscopy: the story of the tendons.

This is a post I forgot to complete!  These are small charcoals based on the arthroscopic photos of my shoulder.  The shoulder is now largely healed.  The hand is 100 %, or nearly so.  The bicept remains weakened, but will return to full strength soon.

So now it is fall although really it feels like winter!  Much work awaits me!  In the preceding months, the painful shoulder drawings turned into this beautiful little artists book : Dimezzato e Mettere.  That means broken in half and healed.

Then I made a couple of little garden books, simmering pages with closely wrapped leaves and blooms in a pot of natural dye.  Yes, I simmered paper...sewn to linen and cotton fabric.

I've had shows and travels.  And now I have work to do.  I received a grant to create 2 large textile panels for the new Habitat for Humanity office.  They will be contributed to by clients of Habitat.  I went to see the space today...awesome!

OH, and I had another poem picked up by kaxe radio in the northcountry.  Listen to it here: As An Old Woman Walks