Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jacob's Doublecross, Joseph's journey in Egypt

November 12, 2011...the story at the center of the sabbath service at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church was the completing saga of Genesis: Joseph. Jacob had double crossed his elder brother Esau, to gain the birthright, the inheritance, the lands of of his father. Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, the younger son, the immature son, angered his older brothers and was sold into slavery where he ultimately, after many dips into despond, prospered and saved Israel. In the end, the double crossing Jacob, crossed his arms and blessed Joseph's sons out of order and blessed all the brothers, thus securing all their futures.
This 42" x96" drawing was created during the service, in response to the story as it was being told. The well that Joseph was thrown into, the sheaves of wheat of his offending dream, the 7 years of surplus, the 7 years of famine, the prison, the robe, the cupbearer and ultimately the reconciliation of the family...and over all, the hands of God. You can see the stripes that represent the Joseph Coat of Many Colors, the Sheaves of wheat bowing down and ultimately referring back to the rainbow covenant at the end of the Noah story. Reconciliation prevails.