Thursday, June 1, 2017

June doings! Red Garage and Prøve Gallery

I will be exhibiting  in NEEDLEWORK: Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance,  at Prøve Gallery 21 N Lake Ave, Duluth, opening reception June 9, 7-10pm.  The gallery is generally open Thursday-Saturday, 4-7pm. I had hoped to make it up for the reception, but it's not looking likely!  Darn!  Please go see it, support this artists' collective! Take a well deserved mini-vacation! The show runs 6/9-7/15/17.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to show the complete series EROTICA/AQUATICA  and a CHEESE BOX OF VULVAS. These are digital embroidery pieces, designed in the computer, layer by layer and stitch by stitch then output to one of my embroidery machines. 


I am also pleased to invite you to the opening reception of CRAFT,  June 16, 7-10pm, at Red Garage Studio, 3640 Garfield Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I will be exhibiting a range of brand new embroidery work: ORGANELLES series and SCATTER, a free standing lace installation.  

ORGANELLES grew out of the EROTICA/AQUATICA series being exhibited at Prøve Gallery this month.  Much like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, digital embroideries are developed as layers of discrete objects.  As I was stitching out the lace pieces for EROTICA/AQUATICA, I would notice attractive forms emerge as the stitching proceeded. This led me to experiment with deconstructing the designs,exploding them, and stitching the new designs out on paper. Further experiments...and accidents...led to hand coloring the designs from the back!

SCATTER grew out of a failed embroidery.  A few months ago I hosted a group from the Textile Center for an evening studio visit and reception.  I demonstrated the design and stitch-out of a simple lace bookmark. Free standing lace embroidery is stitched out on water soluble stabilizer, essentially a sheet of starch.  When I washed out the starch, one section of the design did not hold together.  I balled it up and left it on the ironing board.  The next morning I discovered this  tiny, now 3-d, object on the ironing board...Eureka!  What if I stitched out basic squares of lace and formed them over tubes? Come the results and see me at the opening reception;-)

The show runs: June 16-25.   Hours are : 
  • Thursdays & Fridays 3:00-7:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sundays noon-4:00 pm
  • Other times by appointment or happenstance.→ If the door is open you are welcome to come on in!


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