Friday, August 9, 2013

Northshore rest

Most summers I go to the Northshore  for rest, meditation and unobstructed work.  This year was a bit different.  I was(still am) recovering from shoulder surgery.  My friend Gwen came with me for the first week to make sure I would fare OK.  I did.  I went up to the Northshore in sorry shape.  I could not lift my arm and the pain prevented night time sleep.  But I got great physical therapy and acupuncture, sun, wind, fog and rain, liberal doses of wine, naps, good food and a lot of staring out at the lake.

We even experienced a double rainbow!

As the 2 weeks progressed, I gained more strength , more range of motion and a better point of view.

 I continued drawing the injury, by itself, divorced from the body. It became apparant to me that I needed to re-integrate my shoulder with my other words, re-learn that I am NOT my injury.  Watch over the next few weeks or months as these become an artwork that I call DIMETZZATA.  The aching shoulder drawings will become integrated.  These are ambidextrous drawings.  Fine motor with the right hand, gross motor with the left.