Saturday, October 4, 2008

3-d suits?

Work this week was slow and perhaps minor. I roled up the most recent phoenix/suit. That took a full hour to unstaple, untape and roll safely. Then I began the experiment of taking a suit jacket, painting on it and stiffening it with Golden GAC 400 so it can hang on the wall. So, you see the beginning. Initially I stapled the sleeves out of the way for convenience. Now I think that forming a daisy chain of rigid suit coats crusted with paint and chalk might be very cool. Stay tuned. I work on these things on Thursdays in the Northrup King Building studio. As it happened, this was First Thursday open studio night and the night of the vice presidential debate. Not too many people attended . They were all at home watching the spectacle. We were watching the spectacle on our imported TV .