Thursday, May 30, 2019

Musing about galleries with NO SUBMISSION policies.

I  Just finished reading a new book.
It is a marvelously good read.  It a history of the gallery world since about 1947, with the emphasis on the 21st century. 

I read all about the mega-galleries and how they grew:  Gagosian, Hauser &Wirth, David Zwirner, Pace.  I learned about the personalities and loyalties of the men (yes, all men.  But there is good coverage of Paula Cooper, Barbara Gladstone and a few others), their love of art, entrepreneurship and competition, not necessarily in that order!  I learned who was more ethical, who was ethically horrifying, who had ideals.  I came away with my favorites, for sure. And they all gave NO SUBMISSION policies.

But I also came away with a deeper understanding of what it takes to operate in the Blue Chip world.  These galleries rely on developing  the careers of their artists, developing collectors, primary sales, resales, estates, the power of branding, market manipulation through participating in auctions, art fairs and, now, online sales.  They also have to have the where-with-all to develop complicated financial instruments to enable their clients buying desires.  It is quite a world!  I'm not sure I would have to stomach for it.

But here is an interesting takeaway:

The mega galleries all have multiple locations around the world.
They need art for all these locations.
Tastes in art change with the wind.
They are always looking for the next big artist.

That artist could be YOU!  Yeah, yeah, it is a stretch.  But the new talent has to come from somewhere. 

These big galleries really do specialize.  Look them over carefully.  Look at their history.  If you really think your work fits their program...Why not figure out a way to contact them.

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