Thursday, February 27, 2014

On another note...

In the lull, awaiting answers from the Habitat people... I have been working on other things.

I am confidant  that sometime in the next year I will get to exhibit the Ophelia Project, and installation and performance.  I brought in the pink rattan furniture from the garage and built in the DVD player that will play "Gentleman Prefer Blonds."  I LOVE building stuff!

When I was designing the Habitat Scrapbook, I also designed the book for "I Dwell in Possibility."
This is a project my son and I collaborated on.  I was just post surgery and pretty out of it when we did the shoot.  I love the outcome!
It is a 12 image suite of prints.  The first 2 images are at the printer  and I really look forward to getting them!  But, good grief!  Look what I did on the cover!!!!  I typo-ed our names!  On 2 copies, no less!
Oh well, the books were not being sent out anywhere.  I will order again, with the "L's"  in the right place.

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