Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting pretty wired...

We tightened up the design today and began wiring it up!!!! It is so exciting!  That is Dale, manning the grommeting machine and Marcus is pinning the design more accurately.

We loosely wired one section and removed it from the wall to see how it moved and how the light passed through.  It moved way better than I expected and I love seeing through it to other "stuff."

This Marcus, my neighbor, a member of my dog's "most favorite human" club, a master gardener, an artist in his own right.  AND, he is TALL!  He can reach even farther than Dale can, and we have always teased Dale about his "freakishly" long arms.  We haven't needed to climb the ladder today.  But by tomorrow we will need to climd I am sure.
Here is a photoshopped version of the design at the end of this workday.  The left side of the photo is actually on the wall, the right side is virtual, as I hope you can tell.  Otherwise my wall sure is odd!

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