Monday, February 17, 2014

Mining the floor for treasure

I have been crimping away on the second panel for over a week.  My helpers all got sick or injured, so I was on my own for a while.  I just plodded on with lots of breaks and some icing of my still recovering shoulder and forearm.  Snips and glimmers litter the floor beneath the work area.  Often I do not need to cut wire from the large spool.  I just look to the floor and see what has fallen.

All but the last few upper wires have been strung and crimped.  That is not to say that there is little left to do.  There is always trimming, adjusting and nattering around.  When you adjust one connection it affects at least four more connections!  But we are definitely in the final leg and well into the home stretch of this project.  Marcus and I will go over to the building tomorrow to meet with the architect and see where and how it will hang.

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