Friday, February 21, 2014

Here's the thing...

Bad weather abounds....although the sun is shining pretty fiercely.  Marcus, my wonderful helper, only has to commute across the alley.  So, 10 inches of snow only delayed things long enough to clear driveways and clear out cars.

We plugged away on catty-wampus modules today.  Crimping here, cutting away there.  They seem to get up to mischief in the night!

But today!  against all odds, we moved both halves across the room and hung them from my tin ceiling.  They match!  We measured well!  We will now let it rest until Monday.  Hopefully the little houses will get all their partying done by then;-)

We have just moved part one across  the room after 2 full days of wire adjustment

Now part 2 is joining Part 1

Marcus getting ready to move the cousins closer together.

It is too large to fit in the photograph.  Some modules still need adjusting, but HERE IT IS!  Largely finished!

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