Friday, March 7, 2014

odds and ends

It's been a few days of odds and ends. 

•A total redesign of website:, for the newer non literary work. 
•Addressing new work and re-designing old work  .
•Beginning to learn the new embroidery software
•Test prints for 2 new artists books
•Habitat news 
•Other show news and just general catching up with some delayed  things

An odd little piece I may glue together...or not.  It is one part of the Hairsuit series that needed to be destroyed and reclaimed.
Part of  the Reinvented Past series, revisited, cut and re assembled.
Silenced- the piece I am trying to digitize for a first original embroidery. New embroidery software that doesn't always communicate the commands correctly.  The software suite consists of modules that do different parts of the process.  I can create something that looks pretty much like this with stitch instructions, color palettes.  When I transfer it to the next module to instruct it on where to start, stop and loses all the color information.  Urg. I'll figure this out eventually.

Test prints for 2 new artists books.  More design work to come
Frustrating test prints for a couple of artists books.  I've changed papers, settings and software multiple times.  Now. let's see, I liked making artists books because???

But the good news is the Habitat project will start up again next week.  The measurements are true and when everyone is either healthy or back from vacations, the remainder of the wiring and crimping will resume.

I got a show scheduled for 2015. And I got my health insurance squared away today, scheduled my taxes and the routine maintenance on my car.  So, with a real sense of accomplishing nothing and conversely accomplishing a lot, I leave the studio to drink well deserved wine.

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