Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Little Deerfooted Girl

I decided, after print tests, that this little book would be best printed at Blurb, rather than on my Epson. I've never used BLURB before, so I am interested to see how things turn out.

 The Little Deerfooted Girl  is a small story about a vain little girl.  I have never been able to decide if it is a children's book or an artists book. It is quite unlike any book I have done to date.

 I was inspired to do the tiny, little, narrative watercolors while staying in my favorite cabin on the Northshore of Lake Superior last summer. I was recovering from injuries and surgery, able to do a tiny bit more each day that I was there. It was sort of my line in the sand, I guess.  Somehow, despite the limitations, I was going to WORK, dammit!

The Little Deerfooted Girl available at Blurb

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