Friday, March 21, 2014

The Habitat Project has left the studio

 The very last day before the Habitat Project goes to its "forever home."

Raising the Roof on Home
By Susan Hensel and clients of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Hope. Optimism. Generosity.
The clients of Habitat who worked on this project filled the room with their excitement about building houses and creating safe, secure homes for their families.  They were filled with pride in their work , great optimism and hope. They generously contributed their time and talents to this artwork, creating a “crazy quilt” of home.

Fabric decorated with fabric paints, dyes and machine embroidery

Second panel coming down
The Last Grommet
Laying it straight

The 2 panels are loosely rolled up together
Dale observing the roll

Marcus and Gideon observing the roll
I'm the short human

Out the door they go

And into the car, ready to travel to its forever home tomorrow.

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