Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walking the Sydney Harbor Bridge

It was a beautiful afternoon, overcast, windy, but perfect for a long walk! A small group of us buzzed through the Rocks Market, where we saw high end giftware, craft, new fashion designers, all under tents reminiscent of the Ann Arbor Art Fair. We got out the other side with most of our money intact and some chocolate fore fuel and scrambled up to the bridge. Some people paid lots of money to strap on flight suits and safety gear to climb OVER the arch of the bridge. Not us! But we talked to people who did it. For them, it was a peak experience. The arch has steps that you climb. There is a channel next to the steps into which you slide your safety cable, making it impossible to jump! All of your belongings are put in a locker and you wear nothing that can blow off of you, as the winds are always pretty high.Their bridge climb was delayed by the squall that we had experienced at Bondi Beach. Our bridge stroll was far less strenuous. Four of our group continued onto the other side in search of dinner. Dick, Angeline and I back tracked and joined the rest of our tour-mates for the Sydney by Night tour.

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