Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bondi Beach, where surfers practice

Part of our interminable bus tour of Sydney took us out to Bondi Beach (pronounced BOND-EYE), full of surfers and dreams of surfers. Actually, it was full of surfer schools! But it WAS fun! The wind was very brisk, the waves not too scary. We had time to walk the beach and get ourselves lunch. I had a cup of Australia's Best Coffee...or so the sign said! It was very good.
It is a pretty beach and a pretty beach town. But then, a squall came screaming around the point that leads into the bay! It was a wild little tempest! We all huddled under available awnings and the beach emptied as fast as the squall was moving. It made for an ONTIME departure! No late boarders on our bus that day. This was the squall that delayed the Bridge climbers we talked to.

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