Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outback Barbeque

We had the opportunity to attend an Outback Barbeque...a tourist inspired extra. The setting was starkly beautiful, set in a bowl, a rather high flat area surrounded by sheer red rock. A presentation on boomerangs was given byDenny, a jackeroo, or cowboy. He was goodlooking, I will give him that. But he was rather rude and sort "phoning it home." There is a habit of speech in the outback that contributed to the night. Because of the swarms of flies (blessedly, almost miraculously absent for us) people speak with clenched teeth lest they eat too many bugs. Denny stood over the roaring fire, with clenched teeth, speaking in a normal tone of voice to around 50 people who were my age or older. I asked him to speak louder. He responded,"Move!" A few of us did, but I know there were many who could not hear.This man, whose name I forget, gave a brilliant talk about Aboriginal traditions and did a star talk at the end of the evening. Seeing the Southern Cross for the first time was awe inspiring.The menuwas tough steak, baked potatoes, sausage, some kind of salad, and damper bread, cooked in a buried dutch oven...the best part of the meal. The evening ended with songs and hi-jinks around the fire.
The flies were absent because of a confluence of meteorology and grasshoppers. I guess there has been more rain than usual, more green food, a swarm of grasshoppers came and ate the grasses leaving no where for the flies to lay their eggs....or something like that. In any case, we were lucky. Otherwise we would have had flies at our eyes, our nostrils, the corners of our mouths. more photos on Flikr

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