Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Skyrail in Cairns

After the visit at Tjakupi Cultural Park we rode the Skyrail to Kuranda. Susan Pomerantz looking out, over the rainforest. The Skyrail is 7.5 km long, skimming above the rainforest canopy. Just peeking into the frame is Betsy, who is conquering her fear of heights...and did very well. quoting the website:"Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Cairns Australia, is a world first in environmental tourism taking you on an amazing experience over Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforest canopy and deep into the forest."
It was a 90 minute ride above the canopy. Most of the time, I was not aware of how high we were travelling...until I looked down HERE. I was not as excited about riding OVER the rainforest as I had been about walking in the Puerto Rican rainforest or the rainforest in Washington State. But, I must admit, this makes so much more environmental sense. The fragile ecosystem is far more protected this way.
There was a midway stop where we took a walkway overlooking Barron's gorge. A moorhen crossed our mossy path.
We disembarked at Kuranda where I had my last kangaroo pie. Meat pie is very popular in Australia. Think potpie that you can hold in your hand. The place we went to had many many different kinds of pies. I don't dislike kanagroo meat (except for imagining their beautiful eyes!), but ground meat in gravy wrapped in a fatty piecrust is just not my thing. I did go on to have a couple of sausage rolls elsewhere. Liked those better.
Kuranda looked like a tourist trap to me. I missed out on some legitimate galleries, I guess. But I went to Bird World and saw lots of cool birds. I'll show them to you tomorrow.

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Great blog of your Skyrail experience!