Monday, October 8, 2018

Productivity in the Studio Part 4

Studio Administration is part of the process

I find administration odious.  It is not my gift.  I can do it.  I can struggle through it,  but it brings me no pleasure.

What do I consider to be administration?
finding shows
responding to email
keeping the database up to date
keeping the web pages up to date
updating the resume
writing and re-writing artists statements and bios
taking professional photographs of work
writing grants and proposals
managing the calendar
organizing the archive


So how do I manage it?
I try to schedule one day a week devoted to management of these things. 

When my cash flow is flush, I hire administrative help one day a week. 

When cash flow is low, I can use unpaid student interns, barter for help, trade for help with other artists or, yuck, set aside time to do it myself.  Even if I set aside only 1-2 hours a week, I can make progress on the all the administrative work. It's never caught up anyways!

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