Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Productivity: extra credit: "stupid proofing" stuff

Solar Flare 5
I have a penchant for making things that can be easily damaged in shipping.  It is important to "stupid proof" your artwork packaging.  Frames are pretty easy to pack...corner protectors, lots of bubble wrap, and preferably a double box. Sculptural pieces need a little more help.  I have received sculptures back with vulnerable peaks sitting in a pool of settled peanuts, exposed to damaging forces and box crushing. Besides, many galleries will not accept peanuts anymore. I have had things shake apart in transit!  So, a new system had to be developed.

Case in point:  
Solar Flares.  This piece is machine embroidery, pins, hand dyed fabric mounted on various levels of foam core.  Those corners are vulnerable in both storage and shipping.  Today Dale and I built housings for these pieces which can easily be "dropped" in a box for safe storage and shipping.  

Materials used:  Pink Insulation board
                           Leftover cardboard boxes
                           Lock-Tite Power Grab Adhesive

 First I built a perimeter of pink foam around the  piece and glued it to a corrugated backing.
 These pieces were cut to hold the artwork in place.  Power grab adhesive was applied and the card board was wrapped around to form a cover.
This it the completed housing, laid open without the artwork.  It will hold the artwork firmly without crushing the surface nor allowing it to shimmy and shake in transit.
Finally, I printed out a picture of the piece as a label.

When Dale builds these for me, they are neater, fancier looking and usually have a closing flap.  I couldn't manage "higher math" today, so mine have no flaps.

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