Friday, October 5, 2018

Productivity in the Studio Part 3

What does it take?  The Process of Churning out work from your studio

Showing up making the art, obviously.

Documentation is part of the process:
1) photograph everything, at every step of the process for large works
2) write about each piece
3) keep track of what materials went into each piece
4) Keep some sort of inventory (I use GYST)
5) keep track of where it has been exhibited/ what collections it has gone into
6) keep your resume up to date

Writing is part of the process
1) writing proposals and grants...honest!  It really is part of the process!
2) contacting galleries, collectors, shows is part of the process.  No one is going to just discover you!
3) artists statement, bios
4) writing about the new or developing piece so you can understand it and talk about it
5) write your own press releases.

Showing is part of the process
If art is about communication, then there needs to be an audience, someone to communicate with. 

For me, an artwork is not done until it has been documented, written about, and shown, whether to a friend or a gallery.

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