Friday, January 30, 2009

The sentinels

It seems to methat there will be sentinels...but how they will appear will depend on the environment I secure. If the walls are in black..the dark suits would work. If the wall color cannot be changed, something white. Hmmm. I may not be able to decide yet. But the picture of the three options together pleases me, even if the beige one on the right looks like an old fishermen's oilcloth coat and the one in the middle got super pooped on by seagulls! And these are still too fabricy. The sentinels must be very clearly sculptural. It just seems to me that the sentinels must not compete. They either must be exactly like the triptychs or blend into the wall. Maybe I need to paint some paper, cut into suit pieces and assemble. Hmmm. I see sripes in my future tonight!

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