Thursday, January 29, 2009

Installation set-up

Today I did a test set-up of the installation. You can see the final state of the final triptych. It was a lot of painful crawling around on the floor to clip and tape the parts together. I hung the back to back triptychs from the ceiling. and ranged the suit coats around the room. I will be working on them next...see how it goes. I envision them as sentinels. I'm thinking they will need to blend into the wall pretty much. So, I will get out the modeling paste and give it a try. I was able to set up 2 rows of Triptych. In the end there will be a total of at least 5. I envision a video inset in one. None of the images seem right to me to hold the video screen, so I may have to do another set or a replacement set. The daisy-chain of the sleeves will likely not be in the final piece.

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