Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/24/09 at Ragdale

Probably the best thing about today was the red wine and the nap in the recliner! Nothing like reading in your sleep. It's not been a bad day, just a slow and sleepy one. I made good progress (and may make more this evening) on the next triptych. I figured out how I wanted the inset "Lisa" to be enveloped. But my fingers got tired of being dried out by the pastels. So I went for a delightful sub-zero walk in the sun. When I got back I remembered that I had planned to film the process. So I went through my tapes from last year and began to put it into the computer so I could see what I have: TOO MUCH! I kept getting this signal. I stripped out the sound, trashed it, and began again. Got the message over and over. Removed sound over and over. Filed my giant thumb drive ( Which had more room than my internal hard drive) to over flowing and did not get it all on there. Oh well. I hate video editing anyways. I have to decide if I am filming more of the process. Not sure there is much more to be seen, except the emerging Lisa's. Maybe I will just shoot tape of the completed pieces. Stay tuned...I guess.

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