Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/09 at Ragdale Friends & work

Today I got to see Karen Hanmer , have lunch and tour her studio. Great fun. I had tool envy! What a lovely space, great light, giant board shears and a printer I lusted after! Ah.... Got back and got an hour or so in before dinner and about 20 minutes in before movie time. The photos show how I use photoshop to help me make decisions. The piece began the day like this.I was having problems with the right hand side and with the placement of the feathers/petals. So, I put an image in photoshop and played around a bit, figuring out the compositional issues. It ended the day looking like this. Nearly done. The lower left needs some value adjustment and the upper right, obviously needs work as do the hanging head-feathers. Getting there.

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