Saturday, February 9, 2008

The temperature is dropping here, too

You have asked: Here is where I sleep at night in the old barnhouse. It is a nice medium sized room, part of a suite that I share with Chad, a novelist from California. There are a total of 5 bedrooms upstairs in the house, 4 of them currently occupied, by writers and visual artists. There are no composers in residence right now, but we heard some marvelous Rachmaninoff the other night when a friend of one of the Ragdale trustees played the Yamaha grand piano in the composer's studio. Had a nice lunch with relatives. Packed up the second triptych and now, truly, truly blank pages hang on the end wall. Soon the stripes and pattern pieces will appear. The snow and cold are starting up again... Views from my room . The well lit door is my studio.

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ColorJoy LynnH said...

Sue, this is all so interesting and foreign to me. I'm not a painter so I'm sort of watching from the wings but I'm so happy you have this space and time.

A new building? I must call you when you get home again, it has been too long and I never know when to try so I never even dial.

Miss you. Much is happening in my inner space right now, will see how things change in my world because of it. All good.