Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another day at Ragdale ends, with bargaining

The piece on the left is complete. The triptych is in the bargaining phase...when I finish it I can take a break and go to the bookstore and/or Starbucks... It was a tired day, pretty much for everyone...the low ebb day of the residency. I probably have another hour of work to do on the piece...maybe more, but not tonight. There are 3 more triptyches planned. Snow has been falling fitfully this evening and I am off to my bedroom with Obama having won 2 races and Huckabee one. Still glad to be here with my disordered thoughts and my orderly pictures. The projected regiment is creating itself rather quickly. I am glad that I lost the weight I did. I do not think I would have had the energy, stamina or elasticity to do these mammoth pictures 50 pounds ago.

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Priscilla said...

What a fascinating progression to observe as you develop this "body" of "work". Wishing you all the energy needed for the creative culmination. Love, Scilla