Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Happens

It was a good work day. I awoke crabby and tired, but the rain and fog kept me in the studio. A quiet day under the lights. The piece on the left is, indeed, finished. the middle one is unexpectedly on it's way toward finished and the third...a 3-panel number, surprised me with its boldness. Yes, it is intentionally an inverted suit. Clearly it is tomorrow's main work. My reading has taken me into the dark woods of feminist visual theory...and out the other side, seeking more light and understanding. Theory often bewilders me. However, when I got to bell hooks and Feminist Theory, published in 1984, some things began to come together. This project, while feminist, is not about feminism, per se. It seems to be about the unsuccessful attempt to "closet" female attributes ( perhaps of both men and women) within a patriarchal, capitalist context. It is about gender bending in someway. I have been thinking about the drawing for several weeks as transgendered, or perhaps as cross-dressing...not sure which.

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