Monday, February 4, 2008

Hard work, heavy snow and now, rain

Surely the sun will shine again soon? Five pieces have been completed in the Hirsute series. The look of the installation becomes clearer, although the language surrounding it still eludes me. Today I expect to finish the 2 new pieces on the left. The middle 2 pieces are a muddle that may or may not flow. I have hung the Ophelia pieces to remind me of further work to come and the striped blanks have been prepared for further additions to the Hirsute installation. Work,work,work. It is wonderful to have the break in my life to do this...and it is hard too! There is nearly nothing to distract me from the studio. As the days go on, I recognize the procrastination points that in Minneapolis would involve a sudden run to the bank or the grocery store from "need." Yeah, the need to run away. There is no running away least not much.

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ColorJoy LynnH said...

I understand. I set aside Saturday to stay home (wore jammies to prevent a trip to the store) and do a large project. It took me until 5pm to get started (though I must admit I woke up maybe 11:30am, night owl that I am).

I think I really need to be a bit physically tired before I can sit down and do something new. I worked until 5:30am. I got things done. I definitely can sit still and work through unknowns when my muscles are a little tired.

I also do better when there are no distractions out the window, like the squirrel in the tree, loud stereos in passing cars, and teenagers yelling to one another. After midnight, there is only indoors, which helps focus.

I think maybe next time I feel stuck, if it's 3pm and I didn't sit down yet, I'll put on a heavy coat and go for a walk. Maybe I can bring on that tired moment and get started sooner.