Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Career Re-Boot Continues


It has been an overwhelming month!  The Creative Capital class with Sharon Louden was primo.  I am continuing the class with Brainard Carey.  Sharon's class really helped me hone in on my goals. Brainard's class hones in on alternative fundraising.

Doing this intensive study has taken me away from making art (sigh).  I get obsessed and find it hard to turn-off the research and frantic thinking (sigh). But I have come up with a list of goals, general and specific,  short and long term.

Long term Goal

  • find collections to house the newer work

Short term goals

General Goals

  • Build local visibility as an artist
  • find solo show opportunities
  • develop alternative income streams

Specific goals/possibilities for the next year
  1. attend openings
  2. offer salons/potlucks in the studio
  3. consider doing a 1-4 times per year show in the gallery/studio space
  4. serve on the board of a non-profit art organization
  5. send proposals to 5 university galleries
  6. find temporary space to mount (Her)Suit, to exhibit & Document
  7. create/update mailing lists of : curators, galleries, foundations
  8. visit lots of local galleries, both for openings and other times
  9. send postcards again!
  10. design a smallish print-on-demand portfolio book to send to galleries.
  11. do targeted fundraising to complete (Her)Suit
  12. do a crowdsourced fundraiser to upgrade equipment
  13. continue to apply for grants
I color coded the goals for you and me, to show how the specific goals relate to  the general goals.  There is overlap, of course. Visibility is increased by shows/shows are increased by visibility. Income streams are built from fundraising, but also from exhibits in paying venues. etc.

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