Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Studio Life

Studio life is full of myriad activities...precious few are actually the joyous act of creation!  Saturday was cleaning day...to the very edges of the space.  Thread and paper litter was everywhere and tools were buried under stacks of this and that.  Now, it nearly gleams!

Yesterday was photo shoot day.  That involved painting my grey wall, which works for most photoshoots, WHITE to accommodate the grey horizon piece that was too big for the white walls elsewhere in the studio.

This piece was also inspired by Bridget Riley.  It is 6.5 feet wide and hangs high on the wall so you need to look UP at it.  My hope is that it brings a certain sense of peace. It does so for me.  I am considering expanding it with small sized pieces that expand it "into the distance."

Materials:  Grey outdoor canvas; digital embroidery; backed with grey felt; hung from a 3" deep wood shelf/armature.

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