Tuesday, April 22, 2014

News that is fit to print, and some that is not

Got a few more shows lined up thanks to the hard work of Melissa Metzler  of Flow Artspace.She and I have been working together, one day a week, since the first of the year. The goals: to get my portfolio organized; to apply to shows; to apply for grants.  The body of work: I DWELL IN IMPOSSIBILITY was picked up by Larson Art Gallery, on the St. Paul Campus of the U for late this year.  Banfill-Locke Center for art picked up REINVENTED PAST for next year.  And, there have been others.  YAY Melissa!  THANK YOU!
It may not look like much, but sudden progress has been made in the Embroidery program. I had been having trouble getting it to export.  I needed to find a way to compress the files.  Finally found how to reduce the number of stitches so exports could happen.

Can't stitch the test out yet...the embroidery machine is IN THE HOSPITAL for its annual maintenance.  BOO HOO!  It will be gone at least another week.  I miss it!  I , of course, want to stitch these text tests out right NOW.

Despite having a really rotten cold, I got a lot of framing done this week.  Cleaned up the studio so when the truck comes tomorrow with the BIG frames, I have room to work on them.

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