Thursday, April 17, 2014

Helping "problem children" toe the line

So, I look really, really tired in this photo.  You would be too, if you were pregnant at the age of 64!

The good news is that this body of work, I DWELL IN IMPOSSIBILITY, will be showing at the University of Minnesota Larsen Gallery in November.  Cool.

And, otherwise, I spent the day with Dale Kennedy, working out the the presentation of the "problem children" in the series of Reinvented Memory.  There were a couple of pieces in the collar series of this body of work that were too large to be matted and grumpy about being square.  For instance, this piece
was too large to be matted like the others in the group.  Matt board comes 40 x 60.  This piece is over 40", unframed.  Now, perhaps  there are special order matt boards larger than 40x 60...but at what cost?

There was another collar mixed media drawing, not yet photographed, that was cut radically NOT SQUARE, by...yes, ME.  This is why I need helpers.

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