Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Working Day and night now

I am working in high gear now on the Habitat project.  Each module has many many steps.  It all starts as 12.5" squares of fabric, some of them dyed for the project, most of them receiving a combo of Paint Stix and aerosol Lumiere paint through stencils, rubber s tamps or rubbling plates.  Once a stack of squares have received their surface decoration, they are stacked and cut into 4 rectangles.  These rectangles are shuffled and joined together to make new squares.

piecing stage #1
The newly designed squares are now cut into trapezoids that will be shuffled and assembled.
Piecing stage #2
The final assembly of the squares is accomplished with fusibles and lots of decorative stitching.
Piecing stage #3
When sufficient surface stitching has been completed, 2 fully embellished squares are fused on both sides of Peltex, a super stiff pellon product.  The shape is cut out of  this "board"  and will then have its perimeter run through a serger for a finished edge.

A square all finished except for the serging!

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