Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deconstructing Power on a disjointed day

Today was an odd day.  Beastly cold.  Spent time waiting for the electricians who never came.  Went to the little studio  to work on the Deconstructing Power pieces only to have a poor little dying mouse lurch out of somewhere and discombobulate me.  He was quivering, and panting, having a hard time righting himself.  While I do not want mice to live inside with me, I felt so bad for his misery.  With horror and sadness, I removed him.

   Then I did a little more work on this piece and moved on to the next, only to discover that I had no thread with me and that I need to be able to hang  them on the wall to see what I am doing  and I had no stapler with me.   So I moved on the the shoe pieces.  Last week I finished the assembly of the shoe rubbings.  Today I began composition of the skeletal parts of the wing tip shoes.

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