Friday, May 27, 2016

Small thoughts, growing larger

As I was reading The Art World Demystified, I kept gasping and thinking "Oh, I could never do that!" That thought ran through my mind almost as soon as I started reading. And then I thought, "Pay attention to when you think that!  That just may be the very thing you need to pay attention to."

And, so, I am paying attention. I am a polite, sometimes self-effacing feminist 1950's chick. While I was trained up to be a well educated professional of some kind, the role models were limited by the times: teacher, nurse, housewife.  Not explorer, breadwinner, CEO or inventor. Even in the late 1970's I remember a female friend who did not make partner in the accounting firm because women were not offered partnerships.

I am almost 66 and while I will still be polite, I am going to start asking for what I need and may even deserve (gulp!  Really?) Actually the asking has begun. I did not get a response, but I asked.  That was the big step.  It took me a couple of days of dithering and writing and re-writing the bold (for me) letter. It felt so good to put it in the mail.  It was a small thing, but it was a step.

SO, what ideas are growing larger?

I am seeking venues for my installations (Her)Suit , the Ophelia Project and Eros and Thanatos.  I actually do this all the time.  But the change is in how I am approaching the research.  It is time to reduce the number of "pay for play" competitions and juried shows on my resume.  Danielle is researching commercial galleries and I am researching college and university galleries and area museums in drivable distances.

I am looking for a temporary space to hang (Her)Suit so I can both show it locally and shoot some good photographs and videos for future proposals.   I have 2 recommendations.  Do you have any ideas?

I am reconsidering how the artworld has worked for years.  I know that the artist/dealer relationship has changed markedly. I know that while artists still garner respect through representation by highly respected galleries,  but alternative ways of exhibiting work are becoming increasingly important. Pop-ups, artist-run spaces, community actions...

I am also looking at how art is funded. Self funding and self representation have worked pretty well for me up until now.  However, the work is becoming more and more complex and more and more expensive to accomplish.  I am looking at grants, patrons, foundations, name it, I'm considering it.

Meanwhile, I need to keep making new work. So, onward, ever onward.

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